DOWNLOAD Evinrude Repair Manual 1957-2014 Models

DOWNLOAD Evinrude Repair Manual 1957-2014 Models

An Evinrude outboard repair manual, termed Evinrude factory service manual, is a book of instructions outlining the process of routine maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as a complete description of how to fix the boat motor back to working order. It’s a handbook dealership technicians and do-it-yourself mechanics use to fix their engine.

Evinrude repair manuals are available as instant download portable document format (PDF) or traditional paperback versions. Downloadable repair manuals can be transmitted straight to a computer in seconds. The contents or an Evinrude repair manual covers every aspect of maintenance and repair. Here’s a small bit of information often found in an Evinrude outboard repair manual.

Step-by-step repair instructions

Each Eninrude repair manual contains detailed information telling how the motor should be fixed. It contains part removal, disassembly, cleaning, assembly and reinstallation procedures. Pictures, electrical schematic diagrams and illustrated part breakdowns are included in the manual to help the mechanic complete the repair job successfully.

Electronic component testing

Sometimes parts need to be electronically tested to measure or check the quality, reliability or performance of a component of a outboard motor. Evinrude repair manuals teach you how to properly test electrical and mechanical components so as to determine a problem and its corrective action.

Troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting is a problem solving strategy used to trace and correct faults in the outboard’s mechanical or electrical system. It will help identify why an outboard engine will not start, what’s causing the motor to idle rough or stall, what’s preventing the engine from accelerating normally, and much more. The troubleshooting section is especially helpful to people who need to fix their outboard fast.

Factory specifications

You cannot properly fix a motor without knowing the specifications to which it operates on. Factory specifications are detailed descriptions of the motor’s design and materials used to make it. Specifications can include general component specifications (propeller information, lubrication and sealant types, etc.) and torque specifications. Never attempt to service an Evinrude motor without a repair manual handy.

Electrical wiring diagrams

DOWNLOAD Evinrude Repair Manual 1957-2014 Models Workshop Manual, Shop Manual, Service Manual

Electrical wiring diagrams are a simplified drawing showing the inner workings or a schematic representation. They are critical for understanding how electricity makes a component operate. Wiring diagrams show the wire colors of specific parts; e.g. stop switch, stator, starter switch, alternator, engine control module, etc.

Chapters and subchapters

Evinrude repair manuals are divided into chapters and subchapters, also termed service manual outline. Typical Eninrude manuals contain these chapters:


  • General Information And Specifications
  • Electrical And Ignition
  • Fuel System
  • Powerhead
  • Mid-Section
  • Lower Unit
  • Attachments, Control Llinkage
  • Tilt And Trim
  • Manual Starter
  • Electric Start
  • Troubleshooting
  • Wiring Diagrams

When performing service, maintenance or repairs to your Evinrude outboard motor, always use a repair manual. It’s impossible to service a motor without a manual handy. Incorrect repairs to an outboard motor can cause sever internal engine damage, violent and damaging short circuits or severe electrical shocks.


    • The following manuals are available for these Evinrude models:

      1994-1997 15hp Evinrude
      1969-1970 115 HP Evinrude
      1990-2001 5hp Evinrude
      2000-2001 3.5hp Evinrude
      2007 15 HP Evinrude
      1990-2001 40hp Evinrude
      1992-1996 85HP Evinrude
      1995-1997 18hp Jet Evinrude
      1999-2001 225 HP Evinrude
      2005 9.9 HP Johnson
      1990-1991 14hp Evinrude
      2007 9.9 HP Evinrude
      1997-2001 105 HP Evinrude Com
      1968-1972 85 HP Evinrude
      1964-1967 60 HP Evinrude
      1968-1969 55 HP Evinrude
      1990-2001 8hp Evinrude
      1995-2001 115HP Evinrude
      1998-2001 100HP Evinrude
      1993-2001 9.9hp Evinrude
      1990-2001 20hp Evinrude
      2004-2005 15 HP Evinrude
      1992-1994 140 HP Evinrude
      1994-1996 112HP Evinrude
      2002-2005 9.9 hp Evinrude
      1992-1995 300 HP Evinrude
      1992-1996 88 HP Evinrude
      1968-1970 65 HP Evinrude
      1964-1965 90 HP Evinrude
      1989-1990 1hp Evinrude Colt/Junior
      1960-1961 75 HP Evinrude
      2004-2005 9.9 HP Evinrude
      1990-1998 10hp Evinrude
      2003-2005 15hp Evinrude
      1966-1967 80 HP Evinrude
      1992-2001 2hp Evinrude
      1990-1997 28hp Evinrude
      1993-2001 6hp Evinrude
      2000-2001 135 HP Evinrude
      1993-1998 100HP Evinrude
      1992-1998 115HP Evinrude
      1958-1959 50 HP Evinrude
      2002-2004 9.9 hp Evinrude
      1970-1971 60 HP Evinrude
      1967-1968 100 HP Evinrude
      1990-2001 30hp Evinrude
      1971-1972 125 HP Evinrude
      1992-2001 150 HP Evinrude
      1992-2001 3.3hp Evinrude
      1998-1992 250 HP Evinrude
      1992-1994 120 HP Evinrude
      1990-1995 25 hp 25D Evinrude
      2007 2.5 HP Evinrude
      2007 30 HP Evinrude
      1991-2001 2.3hp Evinrude
      1992-1997 80HP Evinrude
      1992-2001 200 HP Evinrude
      1992-1994 185 HP Evinrude
      2004 30 HP Evinrude
      1992-1995 65HP Evinrude
      1995-2001 90HP Evinrude
      1990-2001 25hp Evinrude
      1990-2001 35hp Evinrude
      1992-2000 175 HP Evinrude
      1971-1972 100 HP Evinrude
      2004-2005 25 HP Evinrude
      1990-1991 10 hp Evinrude Comm
      1990-1996 4hp Evinrude Deluxe
      1990-1993 6.5hp Evinrude
      1999-2001 250 HP Evinrude
      2000-2001 75HP Evinrude
      1994-2000 130 HP Evinrude
      2004 15 HP Evinrude
      2004 9.9 HP Evinrude
      2007 24 HP Evinrude

      Evinrude E-TEC manuals are here

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