2011 Evinrude E-TEC 90 Service Manual

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A 2011 Evinrude E-TEC 90 horsepower outboard service manual is a step-by-guide on how to service, maintain, and fix a boat’s outboard motor. The manual is a handy ‘equipment’ for boat owners, enthusiasts, mechanics, and those who want to understand how a 2011 Evinrude ETEC 90 boat engine works.

There are different kinds of repair manuals

An E-TEC 90 outboard repair manual is an instruction book that contains all the necessary information on how to service a boat motor. There are different manuals as each manufacturer has its own kind of manual that specifically applies to their kind of motor.

The level of detail, the use of images, and simple-to-follow instructions are the common characteristics that can be found amongst the repair manuals.

2011 Evinrude E-TEC 90 hp Service Manual 90hp

The manuals are designed to be used by people of various knowledge and experience in repairing and fixing outboard motors. It can be used by boat owners who want to repair their boat on their own or professionals that repair boats for their clients.

The four main types of repair manuals are:

  • Factory service manual
  • Owner’s manual
  • Repair manual
  • Owner’s workshop manual

Factory service manual

The factory service manuals are written by the original equipment manufacturers. The manuals are very comprehensive and go in-depth about the repair, servicing, and maintenance of outboard motors.

The manuals are not initially released to the public domain because they are meant to act as instruction manuals for dealerships that sell outboard motors.

The majority of the after-market manuals use information from factory service manuals. Factory service manuals are very accurate because they were written by the engineers and the people that are directly involved in the design of outboard motors.

As such, the information in service manuals includes content such as dimensions, torque, etc. A factory service manual is very technical because it is written for mechanics and technical people.

Owner’s manual

An owner’s manual contains general information about the parts of the motor. The manual contains the following information:

  • Repair and service history
  • Motor controls
  • List of types of fluids and fuel used by the motor

Repair manual

A repair manual is a very important component in an owner’s or mechanic’s toolbox. A repair manual is a detailed set of instructions that tell the user how to repair, modify, and maintain an outboard motor.

The information contains detailed information written in simple language. The information includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for servicing or repairing an outboard motor.
  • Diagnostic information
  • Detailed diagrams
  • Service information
  • Torque specification
  • Warnings and tips

Owner’s workshop manual

An owner’s manual is also known as a user guide or instruction manual. It is created for the users of outboard engines irrespective of their technical background. An owner’s manual is less technical than a factory service manual.

The manual contains a complete overview of the outboard motor. It has several diagrams of the motor and a list of the sub-assembly parts. The manual can be used by the motor owner or mechanic.

A user guide is shipped together with the outboard motor and is sometimes translated into several languages.

The information contained in an instruction manual include:

  • Warnings – what the owner is discouraged from doing and applying.
  • Warranty information
  • Technical specification
  • List of motor components
  • Maintenance tips
  • How to assemble or disassemble the motor
  • Troubleshooting

Why outboard repair manuals are important

Each 2011 Evinrude E-TEC 90 motor has its own unique features and properties. An onboard manual gives the information necessary for owners, mechanics, and DIY people to understand the components and functionality of an onboard motor.

The manuals make it easy for boat owners to have a clear understanding of how to maintain their motor and safeguard it against malicious activities and components. This prolongs the motor’s shelf life.

The manual allows boat owners to do their own repairs or modifications without paying a cent to third-party mechanics.

The manuals also inform the boat owners about acceptable types of fuel, fluids, and replacement parts.

In short, Evinrude ETEC 90hp repair manuals allow boat owners to benefit from owning and using their boats without spending a fortune on maintenance, servicing, and buying wrong replacement parts. 

2011 E-TEC 90 Models

This manual covers 79 cubic inch (1.29L), 3-Cylinder Evinrude white and blue E-TEC models. It includes power tilt, steel steering arm, power tilt, stainless steering arm and manual tilt, steel steering arm, commercial model.

2011 E90DPLIIS 1.29 L, 79.0 ci 2011 E90DSLIID 1.29 L, 79.0 ci 2011 E90DPXIIS 1.29 L, 79.0 ci
2011 E90WDELIIA 1.29L, 79.0 ci E90WDEXIIA 1.29L, 79.0 ci

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