DOWNLOAD MerCruiser Repair Manual 2000-2007 Models

MerCruiser Repair Manual

Download a repair manual for your MerCruiser sterndrive or engine in seconds. A MerCruiser repair manual is a book of instructions that teaches you how to maintain, fix or restore the inboard engine or outdrive unite back to factory specifications. It also contains critical specifications and a troubleshooting guide.

The main chapters in a MerCruiser engine repair manual include (engine, fuel system, intake and exhaust system, cooling system, drives, power steering, electrical). It details step-by-step instructions on the process of inspection, removal, cleaning, repair and installation, maintenance schedule, and much more).

Download Online Factory Service Repair manual PDF

The main chapters in a MerCruiser sterndrive repair manual include (important information, sterndrive unit, Steering system, power trim, transom assembly, corrosion protection, and removal and installation). The downloadable book details inspection, maintenance chart, removal, part disassembly, cleaning, installation and troubleshooting.

Service Manual Outline for Engines

A MerCruiser service manual usually contains the following chapters and subchapters. Note that actual service procedures covered will depend on model and year machine. This is meant to be a general description.

Section 1 — Important Information

      • Troubleshooting
      • General Information
      • Maintenance Schedules
      • Maintenance Intervals
      • Routine Maintenance
      • Scheduled Maintenance

Section 2 — Removal and Installation of Engine Parts

      • Identification Numbers
      • Engine Specifications
      • Piston Rings
      • Piston
      • Piston Pin
      • Oil Pump
      • Cylinder Block
      • Cylinder Head
      • Camshaft Carrier
      • Camshafts
      • Valve Adjustment
      • Valve Seat, Valve Guide and Valve Spring
      • Crankshaft and Connecting
      • Rod Crank Pin Bore and Connecting Rod Bushing
      • Engine Rotation and Engine Firing Order
      • Cylinder Head Torque Sequence
      • Compression Testing Procedure
      • Valve Cover
      • Exploded Valve Clearance
      • Camshaft Carrier
      • Intake Manifold Reassembly
      • Connecting Rod and Piston Assembly
      • Disassembly Crankshaft, Main Bearings And Cylinder Block
      • Oil Pressure Relief Valve And Check Valve
      • Oil Filter and Oil Cooler Assembly
      • Oil Pan And Oil Pickup Assembly
      • Front Oil Seal 3A-127   Removal 3A-127   .
      • Front Engine Mounts
      • PCV / Vent System
      • Timing Belt And Related Components

Section 3 — Electrical

      • Battery
      • Test Solenoid Continuity
      • Solenoid Switch
      • Starter Removal
      • Battery Cables
      • Specifications
      • Identification
      • General Information
      • Charging System
      • Instrumentation
      • Wiring Diagrams
      • Testing Voltage Drop
      • Starter Motor
      • Test Solenoid Wiring
      • Replacement Parts
      • Wire Color Abbreviations
      • Quicksilver Gauges
      • Audio Warning System Alarms
      • Water Temperature Switch
      • Starter Installation
      • Battery Selection
      • Lubricants / Sealants / Adhesives
      • Testing / Replacement
      • Starter Relay
      • Torque
      • Maintenance
      • Testing Voltage
      • Storage
      • Test Solenoid Switch
      • Starting System Components

Section 5 — Fuel System

      • Specifications
      • Fuel Filter and Related Parts
      • Filter Draining
      • Fuel Filter Bracket
      • Water in Fuel System Warning
      • Fuel Flow Diagram
      • Injection Pump and Timing if Applicable
      • Injection Pump Repair and Service
      • Belting Timing, Checking and Setting
      • Injection Pump Timing Adjustment

Section 6 Cooling System

      • Specifications
      • Torque Specifications
      • Closed Coolant Capacity (Applicable Models)
      • Water Pump and Thermostat
      • Pressure Cap and Coolant Requirement
      • Anodes
      • Precautions and Exploded Views
      • Heat Exchanger and Related Components
      • Water Pump
      • Cooling System Flow Diagram
      • Water Circulating Pump
      • Cleaning and Inspection
      • Installation, Removal, Cleaning, Inspection
      • Thermostat Testing
      • Filling Closed Cooled (Applicable Models)

Section 7 — Intake And Exhaust System

      • Specifications
      • General Information
      • Exploded View – Intercooler and Related Parts (Applicable Models)
      • Removal, Cleaning, Inspection, Reassembly, Installation
      • Torque Specifications
      • Exhaust Manifold / Heat Exchanger and Components
      • Sterndrive Exhaust Pipe and Parts
      • Exhaust Pipe – Sterndrive
      • Exhaust Manifold / Heat Exchanger

Section 8 — Turbocharger (Applicable Models)

      • Identification and Specifications
      • Sealants, Lubricants and Adhesives
      • Exploded View – Turbocharger and Related Parts
      • General Information
      • Boost Pressure Control and Wastegate
      • Removal, Minor Disassembly

Section 9 — Power Steering

      • Specifications, Torque
      • Power Steering Pump, Brackets and Fasteners
      • Power Steering Fluid Cooler,
      • Water Hoses and Fluid Reservoir
      • Testing and Repair
      • Checking Pump Fluid Level
      • Filling and Air Bleeding System
      • Pump Assembly, Removal, Installation
      • Power Steering Pump Pulley Replacement
      • Removal, Installation Hydraulic Fluid Hoses
      • High Pressure Hose 
      • Fluid Supply Hose and Low Pressure Hose
      • Power Steering Fluid Cooler and Pulley

Repair Manual Outline for Sterndrive Units

A MerCruiser sterndrive, outdrive repair manual typically contains the following information. Note that actual service procedures covered will depend on model and year sterndrive. This is meant to be a general description. The actual manual contains a more detailed description of service procedures for your model. All manuals contains pictures, diagrams and illustrations. 

Section 1 — Maintenance

      • Steering Head and Remote
      • Routine Maintenance
      • Models With Control Valve Mounted
      • Boat Bottom Care
      • Checking and Adding Sterndrive Oil
      • Scheduled Maintenance
      • Maintenance Intervals
      • Gas Sterndrive
      • Valve Pressure Specifications
      • Changing Lubricant
      • Maintenance Schedules
      • Lubricating Tie Bar Pivot Points
      • Power Steering Models
      • Lubricating Shift Cable Pivot Points
      • Assembly ,Hinge Pins, Gimbal Bearing
      • Control Maintenance
      • Models Without Drive Unit Gear
      • Models With Control Valve Mounted
      • Maintaining Anodic Trim Tab or Plate
      • Lube Monitor
      • General Maintenance
      • On Starboard Transom Assembly
      • Manual Steering Models
      • Trim Pump Specifications
      • Lubricating Steering System
      • Exterior Surfaces
      • Lubricating Transom and Gimbal
      • Anti-Corrosion Anode Kit
      • Checking Lubricant for Water
      • Lubricating Propeller Shaft
      • Maintaining Ground Circuit Continuity
      • On Port Transom Assembly

Section 2 — Troubleshooting

      • Sterndrive Unit Troubleshooting
      • Sterndrive Unit Will Not Slide Into Bell Housing
      • Drive Unit Does Not Shift Into Gear
      • Remote Control Shift Handle Moves
      • Drive Unit Shifts Hard
      • Drive Unit In Gear, Will Not Shift Out Of Gear
      • Gear Housing Noise
      • Drive Shaft Housing Noise
      • Performance Troubleshooting
      • Low WOT Engine Rpm
      • High WOT Engine Rpm
      • Poor Boat Performance
      • Poor Maneuverability-Bow Too Low
      • Hard Steering – Helm And Cable
      • Power Steering System External
      • Fluid Leaks
      • Power Trim Pump Motor Will Not Work
      • Direction Power Trim OUT/UP Direction
      • Trim Control OUT/UP Trim Switch Inoperative
      • Drive Unit Will Not Stay In Trimmed
      • Deceleration Or When Shifting Into Reverse
      • Sterndrive Unit Cannot Be Lowered
      • Sterndrive Unit Will Not Stay In Position
      • Oil Foams Out Of Pump Fill/Vent Screw
      • Checking Cutout Switch Timing

Section 3 — Removal, Install, Adjustment

      • Propeller Installation
      • Sterndrive Unit Installation
      • Manual Steering Models
      • Transom Assembly Installation
      • Troubleshooting Shift Problems
      • Sterndrive Unit Removal
      • Manual Steering Models
      • Adjustment (Drive Unit Installed)
      • Remote Control Shift Cable
      • Transom Assembly Removal
      • Power Steering Models

Section 4 — Drive Shaft Housing

      • Specifications and Torque Specifications
      • Upper Drive Shaft Bearing Preload
      • U-joint Bearing Preload
      • Gear Shimming Specifications
      • U-joint and Driven Gear Components
      • Top Cover Bearing Cup
      • Universal Joint Bearing Set
      • Pinion Gear Subassembly
      • Gear Location
      • Seal Joining Drive Shaft Housing/Gear Housing

Section 5 — Gear Housing Standard Rotation

      • Standard Rotation Gear Housing
      • Exploded Parts View
      • Drive Shaft Components
      • Propeller Shaft Components
      • Shift Spool Assembly
      • Forward Gear Bearing Bore
      • Pre-Disassembly Inspection
      • Propeller and Propeller Shaft
      • Water Pump Subassembly
      • Oil Seal Carrier Subassembly
      • Bearing Carrier Subassembly
      • Pinion Bearing
      • Pinion Gear Location
      • Forward/Reverse Gear Backlash

Section 6 — Gear Housing Counter Rotation

  • See Repair Manual for repair procedures

Section 7 — Transom Assembly

      • Specifications and Torque Specifications
      • Trim Limit Switch
      • Trim Position Sender
      • Removal, Installation
      • Trim Position Sender Adjustment
      • Trim Limit Switch Adjustment
      • Gimbal Bearing
      • Shift Cable
      • Remote Control Shift Cable Adjustment
      • System Components – Replacement
      • Bell Housing To Driveshaft
      • Housing Anti-Dribble Valves

Section 8 — Power Trim

      • Trim Pump Specifications
      • Valve Pressure Specifications
      • Electrical Specification
      • Trim Pump Exploded View
      • Oildyne Trim Pump
      • Maintaining Power Trim Pump Oil Level
      • Air Bleeding Power Trim System
      • OUT/UP Pressure Test
      • IN/DOWN Pressure Test
      • Trim Pump Hydraulic System
      • Trim Cylinder Internal Leak Test
      • Trim Cylinder Shock Piston Test
      • Motor and Electrical Bench Tests
      • 110 Amp Fuse Test
      • 20 Amp Fuse Test
      • Trim Pump Motor Test
      • Solenoid Test Trim Pump Removal
      • Hydraulic Repair
      • Trim Position Indicator Adjustment
      • Adjusting Sterndrive Unit Trim Angle
      • DOWN Pressure Relief Valve
      • Thermal Relief Valve Replacement
      • Trim/Trailer Panel
      • Dual Power Trim Model
      • Auto Trim Models
      • Model With Trim In Handle

Section 9 — Power Steering & Manual Steering

      • Trim Pump Specifications
      • Earlier Style Control Valve
      • Later Style Control Valve
      • Earlier Model Power Steering System
      • Steering Helm and Cable
      • Steering Cable Specifications
      • Balancing Power Steering Control
      • Power Steering Pump Lugging Test
      • Power Steering System Pressure Test
      • Booster Cylinder Test
      • Power Steering Component Repair
      • Flow Control Valve Servicing
      • Pump Shaft Oil Seal Replacement
      • Multiple Sterndrive Steering Tie Bar
      • Determining Tie Bar Length

What is a Downloadable Repair Manual?

A MerCruiser download repair manual is digitally delivered book that is transferred from one computer system to another over the Internet. The ebook is an electronic version of a printed book that can be viewed and stored on your computer, tablet or other device designed for this purpose.

No special software is required to download a view a MerCruiser repair manual. All manuals are in simple PDF format that provides crisp, clear images, text and graphics. The manual looks exactly like a paper book you’d buy in a store. All manuals contain every aspect of repair. 


    • Yes there is a manual specific to those models. It covers MCM 3.0 liter Alpha models with serial numbers OLO10042 and above. It covers 1998 1999 2000 and 2001 carburetor models.

    • Yes there is a manual for the D7.3L D-Tronic and the D 7.3L D-Tronic LD. Both manuals are together as one. It covers 1998 thru 2001 models.

    • This manual covers inboard and sterndrive:

      MIE D2.8L (2.8 L) D-Tronic with serial numbers 0K000001 and above.
      MIE D4.2L (4.2 L) D-Tronic with serial numbers 0K000001 and above.

      MCM D2.8L D-Tronic with serial numbers 0K000001 and Above.
      MCM D4.2L D-Tronic with serial numbers 0K000001 and Above.

    • There is a downloadable version for the MCM 4.3 MPI Alpha and Bravo gasoline engines with serial numbers OM300000 and above. It covers 2001-2008 models. There is also a manual that covers V6 262 4.3L for 1998 1999 2001 model years.

    • Sterndrive (MCM) 5.0L Alpha and Bravo and 5.7L Alpha and Bravo with serial numbers 0M087348 and Above.
      Sterndrive (MCM) 5.0L MPI Alpha and Bravo, 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo, 350 MAG MPI Bravo Horizon, MX 6.2 377 MPI, MX 6.2 MPI Horizon with serial numbers 0M300000 and Above.
      Inboard (MIE) 350 MAG MPI Inboard, 350 MAG MPI Horizon Inboard, MX 6.2 MPI Inboard MX 6.2 MPI Horizon Inboard with #s 0M310000 and Above.
      Inboard (MIE) 5.7L #’s 0L677227 and Above
      Tow Sports (MIE) 350 MAG MPI 0M310000 and Above, Black Scorpion 0M391600 and Above, MX 6.2 MPI 0M310000 and Above, MX 6.2 Black Scorpion 0M391750 and Above.
      With transmissions Velvet Drive In-Line And V-Drive Transmission, Velvet Drive 5000 Series Transmission, ZF/Hurth 630 And 800 Series Transmission, ZF Marine/Hurth 45C In-Line Transmission.

  1. Does manual 28 cover all Bravo Models 0M100000 and Above and Sport Master Models 0M052945 and Above. And is this for the 2000 to 2005 models?

    • This manual covers 496 8.1 liter gasoline engines. Sterndrive (MCM) Models: 496 Mag HO 0M000000 & Up. 496 Mag 0M000000 & Up. Inboard (MIE) Models: 8.1S HO and 8.1S Horizon with serial numbers 0M000000 & Up.

      Supplement manual for the Gen III Cool Fuel System is also included.

  2. I was just wondering, i am working on 2 boats both the same year (04) one with a 5.7 and one with the 8.1 does this manual cover both motors?

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